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Game Music and Sound Design


Vince Webb is a composer and sound designer based in London with a bold and charismatic approach to game audio which often pays homage to his Japanese roots. With over 30 published projects so far including 1-million downloaded and award-nominated games, he's fast becoming one of the most respected names operating in a new generation of mobile, web and social game development providing:


  • Pre Production, Supervision, Consulting
  • Original Music Composition (writing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
  • Original Sound Effect Creation (synthesis, recording, editing, mixing)
  • Dynamic Audio Design and Asset Creation

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As a developer you have only two ways of communicating your ideas to the player –  sight and sound. 

A game with great visuals but no sound is like telling a story with no emotion. A game with rudimentary pixel art but evocative music and sound effects can captivate a player for hours. When it comes to immersion and empathy, I believe imagination is the most powerful tool of all, and sound is the key to unlocking the power of imagination.

Early audio developers had to work hard and think laterally in order to successfully convey meaning with such a limited set of tools. I really admire that old-school work ethic and always try to apply the same kind of resourcefulness and creative planning in my work. I also love creating sounds I could only ever get away with in video games - game audio has been pushing at artistic boundaries for decades (lo-fi hip-hop infused latin merengue anyone?). There really is no excuse for being dull.